Golf Elevator

Golf Elevator

"Wet Grip=Missed Putts"

  • Easily attaches to the top of any grip in seconds, so you can't lose it, can't forget it and there's no need to carry anything extra with you.

  • Can be remounted if you re-grip or buy a new club.

  • Keeps grips clean, dry, and protected from fertilizers, pesticides, toxic chemicals, and bird or animal waste, while protecting your glove, hands and face.

  • Saves back more bending down to lay your club down or pick it up after a shot. Just lift it with the other club in your hand.

  • Makes your club stand out, easier to see so you don't accidentally leave it behind.

  • Tees, divot tools, soggy towels are no longer needed as props to keep your grip dry.

  • Precision machined Stainless Steel, built to last a lifetime, makes it a great value.

  • A Magnetic Ball Marker is built right into the top of the Golf Elevator PLUS, making it a perfect gift for your favorite golfer, for tournament gifts or for special business clients.



“I purchased a Golf Elevator in June after seeing your ad. I like it so much that I show it off at the practice green and to my buddies out on the course. One of my buddies kept commenting “What a great idea” so in August I decided to get him one for his birthday, and another for my wedge. He loves it as much as I do. Lately we have had quite a bit of rain, and even with the normal dew, thanks to the Elevator our grips stay completely dry and clean.” 

“I’m really enjoying the newest elevator for my wedge, it works great as well. Really excited that the two new elevators I received are the new generation all stainless steel, GREAT improvement. I’m thinking of ordering a third one for my other Scotty putter. Thanks for a great product!”

 Steve Griffin - Sulfer Springs, Louisiana 

Installation: EASY!

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