Tom A. Design - 12-Pack

Custom Golf Ferrule


Tom A. Design is a pearl blue ferrule with white, red and white ring.

top_ring_color=pearl_blue; top_ring_size=3/32"
second_ring_color=white; second_ring_size=1/16"
third_ring_color=red; third_ring_size=1/16"
fourth_ring_color=white; fourth_ring_size=1/16"
base_color=pearl_blue; base_type=.355 Taper tip - 3/4in

Fly your colors with pride from your school, state, country, or professional sports team!  Get Creative!  Get Loud! 

Why Custom Ferrules:

  1. Choosing ferrules to match your grip can create a very nice total package look for your set.
  2. SECURITY FOR YOUR CLUBS - NO GOLFER CAN CLAIM YOUR CLUBS AS THEIR OWN  Custom Colored Ferrules are a great way to keep track of your equipment.
Contact us with any color scheme that you want!  Upon request, we will send you a computer generated image of your design, and we'll name it after you too!  

Ferrule Blueprint - EXAMPLE

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