Mizuno MP-18 SC Iron Set

The Player's Cavity Back

A compact cavity back – sensitively reworked by the same Master Craftsmen who created multiple major winning iron sets. A slightly wider, cambered sole makes this more playable than the muscle back. Though the thin, tapered top line, short head length and smaller wedges mean this is very much a tour-ready iron. Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima for the most colourful feedback through impact.

Players Compact Profile
  • Just 0.5mm taller than our MP-18 blade, with our YORO signature low heel design.
Ultra-Thin Top Line
  • Just 1mm thicker than the MP-18 muscleback, with an additional refining camber.
Smaller Pitching Wedge
  • Sharper, more refined short irons into the pitching wedge – influenced to our Yoro Master craftsmen.
Forged in Hiroshima Japan at Mizuno's Exclusive Plant
  • Manufacturer of Grain Forged heads for Mizuno for over 30 years. Grain Flow Forged from a single billet for incredible feel and distance control.
Flows into any MP-18 Split Set
  • The MP-18, MP-18 SC and MP-18 MMC flow together within a custom built, mixed set.

Chris Voshall, Senior Club Engineer
Chris Voshall, Senior Club Engineer

"The MP-18 SC is an iron that combines a lot of practical needs – stability, workability and softness at impact with our craftsmen’s desire for immaculate looks over the ball. Although the sole is a little wider than the muscle back, from every playing position, the two models blend beautifully as a mixed set. The MP-18 SC wedges don’t taper off as dramatically in size as the muscle back – so between the two models better players will find something that suits their eye."


Club Loft ° Lie ° Length
#3 21 59.5 38.75″
#4 24 60 38.25″
#5 27 60.5 37.75″
#6 30 61 37.25″
#7 34 61.5 36.75″
#8 38 62 36.25″
#9 42 62.5 35.75″
Pw 46 63 35.50″

**RH and LH Available


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