ACCRA J-Spec Proto N-Series Wood Shaft

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ACCRA Top 50 Shaft Technologist**NOTE- Per ACCRA's request, all products must be built by an Authorized Shaft Technologist, to which Spargo Golf has been recognized as Top 50 Worldwide.  We can not sell the shaft loose directly to our customers.  Therefore, the price reflects shaft plus build labor included.

J-Spec Proto N-Series Shaft: Retail $500 (+Build Labor, Choose Installation Instruction)

Availability: Made-To-Order, Shaft Builds take approximately 10-14 business days to ship.

ACCRA introduces our first shaft designed specifically for the player who desires a high performance shaft which uses the highest modulus materials from TORAY Japan, and Boron in the tip section that will deliver maximum stability at “normal” clubhead speeds.
Discerning golfers who want to play golf at a high level but have seen swing speeds diminish due to age or injuries require a shaft that provides the stability of “Tour” shafts at a lighter weight. The J-Spec N-Series offers this.

ACCRA J-Spec Golf Shafts

As per Japanese standards, the N Series is based on 3 swing speed ranges using “Meters Per Second” and color coded for convenience.
S flex – N3842 (Blue)
R flex – N3640 (Red)
A/L Flex – N3438 (Orange)

A golfer can expect…..
~ Mid/high launch conditions
~ Mid spin rates
~ An EI curve that promotes maximum energy transfer.
~ Superior transition and timing during the swing.

This is the first truly innovative and high tech shaft designed for those who want “the best” at traditional clubhead speeds.

Tech Features

  • High elasticity carbon graphite materials over the entire length of the shaft for speed and power
  • 4 axis weave in the butt section for stability and to promote timing during the transition
  • Boron graphite combination in the tip section for a strong impact position even during off center hits
  • Super high modulus materials to offer the best possible “feel” on impact

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ACCRA J-Spec Proto N-Series - Specifications

Weight S3 S3 Tip
Model Flex Mass Launch CPM Torq. OD
J-Spec Proto N3842 M4 53 10.7 250 .335"
J-Spec Proto N3640 M3 51 10.7 240 .335"
J-Spec Proto N3438 M2 48 10.7 212 4.4º .335"

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