ACCRA Tour Z Xtreme 200-Series Wood Shaft

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ACCRA Top 50 Shaft Technologist**NOTE- Per ACCRA's request, all products must be built by an Authorized Shaft Technologist, to which Spargo Golf has been recognized as Top 50 Worldwide.  We can not sell the shaft loose directly to our customers.  Therefore, the price reflects shaft plus build labor included.

Tour Z Xtreme 200-Sereis Shaft: Retail $300 (+Build Labor, Choose Installation Instruction)

Availability: Made-To-Order, Shaft Builds take approximately 10-14 business days to ship.

Tour Zx200 Xtreme

The ACCRA Tour Zx200 series incorporates the same technologies as the Tour Zx400 series of shafts while incorporating a more responsive tip section. Using thin wall technology and high modulus materials ACCRA has developed a TourZ option for those looking for higher launch characteristics with maximum stability. The low torque is the key to controlling spin rates and reducing dispersion.

Combining low torque and a responsive tip is a technology that ACCRA pioneered with the SE80 shaft a number of years ago, the Tour Zx200 just takes this to a new level.

The Tour Zx200 also compliments the Tour Zx400 series of shafts as a “Tour proven” fairway wood option, essentially enabling clubfitters to “DyMatch” the Tour Zx line.

Tech Features

  • Improved Thin Wall Design to increase energy transfer
  • Super high modulus composite materials
  • Tight dispersion and great feel with Xtreme stability

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ACCRA Tour Zx 200  - Specifications

Weight S3 S3 Tip
Model Flex Mass Launch CPM Torq. OD
TZx255 M3 57
252 3.32º .335"
TZx255 M4 58
262 3.50º .335"
TZx255 M5 60
271 3.50º .335"
TZx265 M3 68 11.6 252 3.20º .335"
TZx265 M4 69
263 3.60º .335"
TZx265 M5 70
272 3.28º
TZx275 M3 78
253 3.32º .335"
TZx275 M4 76
260 3.07º
TZx275 M5 80
272 2.99º
TZx285 M5 86
271 2.41º

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