Custom Wedge Stamping

The pictures show past projects we've done for golfers around the country!  You can get ideas from this photo gallery for your project!  Dot Images, Hammer Texture, straight-letter or dancing-letter stamping and unlimited paint-fill options.  What will you think up?

We have (x3) different size stamps.  Standard 1/8" is the most common size, BUT we offer one size smaller (1/16") and one size larger (1/4") to help enhance designs.  

  **Custom Wedge Stamping INCLUDES FULL PAINT-FILL service.**


To Start:  It's always best to sketch out what your looking for.  What do you want stamped, the location of the stamping, how you want it stamped, the paint-fill scheme, etc..  Then, email your picture/sketch idea to  I'll be able to take a look at your idea and let you know if it CAN or CAN NOT be done.  DO NOT SHIP YOUR WEDGES TO US IF DESIGN IS NOT APPROVED!

Here's how it works:

  1. Email me (, I need to know make/model of the wedge you want stamped and what exactly you're design request is, can it be done?  
  2. We'll make a game-plan for the design.
  3. Ship your club(s) to us.
  4. We stamp.
  5. We ship back to you!


  • Please assume production can take up to 3 weeks from when they arrive.

DISCLAIMER - There are many types of wedges that exist, all having been made with different materials, manufacture processes and finishes.  Stamping results can vary.  Most major OEM wedges are awesome to stamp, but many non-major OEM brands can vary in stamping quality.

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