Custom Wedge Stamping Service - Symbol - Dollar Sign

"$" | Dollar Sign

We call this wedge in the photo, the "Money Grind" wedge!  Using the Dollar Sign Stamp, we have created a unique wedge that Scrooge McDuck would be envious of.

The SM6 Money Grind wedge shown is an example of a $35 stamping ($5 x 7 stamps), which includes all the paint-fill shown in the stamping, loft, bounce, Vokey Saw logo, etc..


About Custom Stamping

What happens to a wedge when getting stamped?  Does it change the club?

When a stamping die gets pressed into a club, the metal of the club spreads, receiving the the stamp and leaving the imprint on the surface of the metal.  No metal is removed, thus, the club weighting properties remain the same.  The only change is, the club looks cooler!

Which wedges are better to stamp for best results?

Forged wedges yield the best results for a crisp and clean stamping.  This is because a forging is a softer metal.  Cast wedges can be stamped, however being a harder material, the stampings can leave a shallower imprint.

What finishes are the best to stamp for best results?

Any raw wedge is better to stamp than a wedge with a chrome finish.  A chrome finish is a very thin micro-plating over the wedge, and when a stamp gets pressed through the finish and into the metal beneath, the thin chrome plating tends to "wrinkle" around the wedge stamp.  Stamping on chrome will not look as crisp compared to a raw wedge upon close examination.  **Note, some chrome finishes receive stamping better than others, its just a matter of how much "wrinkling" there will be.  This is not to say it does not look good, or can not be done, but be aware that "wrinkling" may occur.  

How does Spargo Golf stamp a club?

At Spargo's, we use a 3-ton Arbor press, rather than using a hammer.  It is a slower process, however provides the best results.  Being able to finesse a stamp for perfect clarity and proper position is preferred, rather than beating it to death with a hammer, our results utilizing a arbor press are clean and crisp stampings, done correctly the first time.  

How to request a stamping?

We offer letters, numbers and symbols.  Every golfer has their own unique style, so we leave the creativity up to you!  Decide what stamp you want and where you want it, choose the color(s) and we'll stamp to your request.  For those who are computer savvy, and have the ability to take a photo of your wedge and photoshop your idea for illustration, the option of uploading a photo with your idea will be available.  If we have any questions, we will contact you to make sure we deliver what you expect.  Whatever you can think of, we'll stamp it on your wedge!  What's your style?

Available Colors:
1. Gold
2. Yellow
3. Orange
4. Purple
5. Blue
6. Turquoise
7. Sky Blue
8. Green
9. Lime Green
10. Red
11. Pink
12. Brown
13. White 


Need help?  Call us at the shop 401-946-4653 and we'll help you get the process started! 

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