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Wedge Fitting is included with the Iron fitting, HOWEVER, if you're looking just for wedges (and satisfied with your irons), this fitting specializes in wedges only.

With 65% of golf shots hit from within 100 yards, having the best combination of wedges is imperative. Proper Lie angle is a major fitting factor. Length and Loft can be optimized for specific distances. Sole width and bounce angles can be adjusted to best suit the region players live in and/or courses they play.

Player Benefit: by customizing wedges to perform better on certain courses, players can hit crisper shots. Players will better able to control trajectory and spin with custom fitted wedges.

What To Expect in a Fitting:
  1. A working-relationship is formed between the player and fitter by a brief interview that determines the players goals and tendencies.  During this interview, the fitter also evaluates the players current equipment to begin understanding how the players current equipment is performing for the golfer. 
  2. The players swing is analyzed by hitting balls on our full-flight 300 yard range (no simulator, real flight!) with the assistance from a FlightScope 3-D Launch Monitor System ( Variables like Tempo, Release Point, Grouping Radius, Carry Distance and Smash Factor are closely tracked and calculated).  Using the players current equipment first establishes a performance base reading so the equipment can be tested against real world performance. 
  3. The player NOW begins testing various club-head and shaft combinations from multiple manufacturers to determine club-specifications and club-blueprint that can OPTIMIZE the golfers performance.
  4. At conclusion of fitting, the player is provided with a Build Sheet providing optimal club specifications along with pricing/build options moving forward.

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We are honored to be recognized and appreciate all our customers that have given us the opportunity to be the best, for you.  We look forward to continued success and more golf!

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