OBAN Limited Edition Hashimoto Wood Shaft

OBAN Limited Edition Hashimoto Shaft: Retail $300 (+Build Labor, Choose Installation Instruction)

Availability: Made-To-Order, Shaft Builds take approximately 10-14 business days to ship.

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Limited Edition Hashimoto Wood Shaft

The Hashimoto Signature Collection limited edition shaft offers an unprecedented blend of fashion, form and function – resulting in better feel and improved driving distance. Inspired by the mythical artisan with an affinity for excellence, the highly acclaimed Hashimoto delivers a definitive and enduring experience.


Ultra premium, high modulus composite materials supplied by the leading pre-preg manufacturers in the world provide better feel and performance.

Structural Design

Utilizing a rare blend of exotic composite materials and a distinctive black matte/gloss color scheme, Hashimoto’s stylish details are masterfully expressed – exuding elegance and exclusivity. Beneath its exotic exterior, Hashimoto harbors high performance Japanese materials meticulously crafted using proprietary carbon designed by world-class composite engineers.


The Hashimoto, utilizing EWF Technology, reveals design properties ideal for creating mid launch and low spin performance for a flatter angle of descent.

OBAN Limited Edition Hashimoto Wood Shaft - Specifications

Bend Profile: Medium Bend
 Model Flex OBAN Flex Weight Torque Launch Spin Butt Dia. Tip Size
Limited Edition Hashimoto 55 R 03 57 4.0º High Mid .600" .335"
Limited Edition Hashimoto 65 S 04 69 3.5º Mid Low .600" .335"
Limited Edition Hashimoto 65 X 05 70 3.5º Mid Low .600" .335"


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