OBAN Kiyoshi BLACK Hybrid Shaft

OBAN Kiyoshi Black Hybrid Shaft: Retail $350 (+Build Labor, Choose Installation Instruction)

Availability: Made-To-Order, Shaft Builds take approximately 10-14 business days to ship.

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Kiyoshi Black Hybrid Shaft

The Kiyoshi Black (Kiyoshi BLK) is OBAN’s new addition to the astoundingly popular Kiyoshi product line. Like the Kioyshi Purple (Kiyoshi PRP), the shaft offers a low spin rate, but provides a lower ball flight by raising the kick point of the shaft. Players with a quicker tempo and heavy load will benefit from the Kiyoshi Black.


Ultra premium, high modulus composite materials supplied by the leading pre-preg manufacturers in the world provide better feel and performance.

Structural Design

OBAN’s Kiyoshi Black is designed using a straight taper profile, similar to the Kiyoshi Purple. The Kiyoshi Black utilizes OBAN’s exclusive Emersion Wrapped Frequency (EWF) Technology, the same high modulus composite materials and design pattern as the Kiyoshi Purple. The torque has been lowered to 2.9 degrees, and extra stiffness was added in the butt section of the shaft offering low spin and a mid-launch trajectory.


The Kiyoshi Black, utilizing EWF Technology, reveals design properties ideal for creating mid launch and low spin performance for a flatter angle of descent.

OBAN Kiyoshi Black Hybrid Shaft - Specifications

Bend Profile: Firm Bend
 Model Flex OBAN Flex Weight Torque Launch Spin Butt Dia. Tip Size
Kiyoshi Black Hybrid 90 S 04 92 2.6º
Low/Mid .600" .370"
Kiyoshi Black Hybrid 90 X 05 93 2.6º
.600" .370"


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