OBAN Oi-Series Iron Shaft

OBAN Oi-Series Iron Shaft: Retail $95 (+Build Labor, Choose Installation Instruction)

Availability: Made-To-Order, Shaft Builds take approximately 10-14 business days to ship.

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OBAN Oi-Series Iron Shaft

OBAN Oi-Series graphite iron shafts utilize the same high modulus materials and tournament winning designs found in OBAN’s woods. The Oi-Series offers performance values to a wide range of players. The heavier weights offer a consistent ball launch and spin rate found in shafts sought out by the better player. The light weights offer a higher trajectory which is similar to the ball flight found in lighter weight OBAN wood shafts.


Ultra premium, high modulus composite materials supplied by the leading pre-preg manufacturers in the world provide better feel and performance.


Complex design infuses high modulus graphite material through all sections of the shaft construction ensuring a consistent, repeatable bend profile.


Ideal for the player with a smoother swing tempo.

OBAN Oi-Series Iron Shaft - Specifications

Model Flex OBAN Flex Butt Tip Torque Weight Launch
Oi43 L/A 01/02 .600 .370 4.0 45 HIGH
Oi53 L/A 01/02 .600 .370 4.4 53 HIGH
Oi63 L/A 01/02 .600 .370 4.0 63 HIGH
Oi73 A/R 02/03 .600 .370 3.4 75 HIGH
Oi83 R/S 03/04 .600 .370 3.3 84 MID/HIGH
Oi93 S/X 04/05 .600 .370 2.6 94 MID/HIGH
Oi103 S/X 04/05 .600 .370 2.5 102 MID/HIGH


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