OBAN Steel CT-115 Iron Shaft

OBAN Steel CT-115 Iron Shaft: Retail $75 (+Build Labor, Choose Installation Instruction)

Availability: Made-To-Order, Shaft Builds take approximately 10-14 business days to ship.

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We’ve been asked how the new OBAN STEEL CT – Iron Series compares to other shafts… Our answer is, it really doesn’t.

OBAN Steel CT-115 Iron Shaft

Made in Japan, the CT-115’s Tour-inspired seamless design is engineered to leverage the purity of Japanese steel, meticulously manufactured to exacting specifications and tolerances. The innovative structure features a micro-taper step pattern and distinctive Japanese chromium finish.

• Mid-weight Japanese steel
• Solid impact for increased ball speed / distance
• Responsive and repeatable design profile

MID-HIGH Launch | LOW-MID Spin
MEDIUM Tempo | MEDIUM Load | MEDIUM Transition


Japanese steel. Seamless construction. Exacting tolerances.


Weight, flex, balance and bend profile dynamically synchronized.
Ability to precision-align weight and flex to a Player’s unique profile.


Mid-High Launch. Low-Mid Spin. Tight dispersion.

OBAN Steel CT-115 Iron Shaft - Specifications

Model  Launch Spin Tempo Load Transition Tip Size
Steel CT-115 Mid-High Low-Mid Medium Medium Medium .355"

Weight: Constant Weighting: 103 gram (R Flex) - 112 gram (X Flex)
Flex Options: R, R+, S-, S, S+, X-, X

Flex Chart

OBAN Steel CT-115 Iron Shaft Flex Chart

Tempo, Load, Swing Speed > 


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