ACCRA CS1 Concept Series Wood Shaft


**NOTE- Per ACCRA's request, all products must be built by an Authorized Shaft Technologist, to which Spargo Golf has been recognized as Top 50 Worldwide.  We can not sell the shaft loose directly to our customers.

Concept Series 300 (CS1)

A responsive tip section combined with lower torque and a higher CG make for the perfect shaft for the newest driver heads that tend to promote super low spin rates. Discerning golfers, generally, require a shaft that has great stability and also gives them the ability to launch the ball slightly higher. The Concept Series 300 (CS1), has more torsional stability than any shaft ACCRA has produced for more control of launch and spin. The higher CG also enables the world’s best club fitters to fit the CS1 into any of the current driver heads and manipulate swing weight easily.

Every few years a true innovation is introduced that significantly benefits golfers by providing the perfect combination of shaft/club head/ball.  The ACCRA CS1 does just this when combined with the new super low spin woods and balls. ACCRA has always featured super high modulus composite materials, the CS1 takes this to a new level with a greater concentration of composite versus resin content than ever before and more super high modulus graphite than ever before. We have developed a shaft that encompasses the greatest attributes of the Tour Z ST and the Tour Z CB.

Golfers are going to require a shaft that has great stability and gives a discerning golfer the ability to launch the ball higher, which the CSI will do. The CS1, has all the stability of the Tour Z ST series allows for more control of launch. The higher CG also enables the world’s best club fitters to fit the CS1 into any of the new, heavier, driver heads and manipulate swing weight easily.


Using the new S3 shaft profiling machine, ACCRA has developed a shaft to specific specifications in order to maximize shaft performance using the latest technology in heads and golf balls. Our new manufacturing facility in Japan enables ACCRA to meet tighter tolerances than ever before.   ACCRA is extremely excited about this new line of shafts that far exceeds performance and quality standards than we have ever reached previously.

Whether a golfer is a Tour caliber player or a weekend warrior, the ACCRA CS1 can be custom fit to your specific swing characteristics by a professional club fitter to maximize their launch conditions.

The ACCRA CS1 shaft maintains ACCRA's proven constant flex technology philosophy. This means that a professional club fitter can dial in a specific flex requirement for any particular golfer and then experiment with different weights by understanding that performance will not change based on weight. 

Once again ACCRA is proving to be a leader in the super lightweight category, offering the most stable, yet playable, super lightweight shafts in the industry. The ACCRA CS1 50 shaft measures less than 50 grams at 46' in length. Most golfers requiring a light weight shaft will now be able to use a 45 gram finished shaft with the stability of a 70 gram shaft.

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Weight Balance S3 S3 Butt Tip
Title Flex Mass Point Launch CPM OD Torq. OD
CS1 50-M3  R 50 24 11 255 .600" 4.6º .335"
CS1 50-M4 S 53 24.5 10.9 265 .600" 4.6º .335"
CS1 50-M5 X 53 24.5 10.9 275 .600" 4.5º .335"
CS1 60-M3 R 59 24 10.9 255 .600" 3.8º .335"
CS1 60-M4 S 61 24.5 10.9 265 .600" 3.8º .335"
CS1 60-M5 X 64 24.5 10.9 275 .600" 3.8º .335"
CS1 70-M3 R 67 24
255 .600" 3.6º .335"
CS1 70-M4 S 70 24
265 .600" 3.5º .335"
CS1 70-M5 X 74 24.5
275 .600" 3.4º .335"
CS1 80-M3 R 78 24 11 255 .600" 3.3º .335"
CS1 80-M4 S 82 24.5 11 265 .600" 3.2º .335"
CS1 80-M5 X 84 24.5 11 275 .600" 3.2º .335"

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