Accra Tour Z Hybrid Shaft


**NOTE- Customer's who wish to purchase this shaft must purchase an adaptor for install onto the shaft, or send us their club directly to install all ACCRA products.  Per ACCRA request, all products must be built by an Authorized Shaft Technologist, to which Spargo Golf has been recognized as Top 50 Worldwide. 

The ACCRA Tour Z Hybrid shaft utilizes all attributes from the ACCRA Tour Z wood shafts and incorporates them into a powerful hybrid shaft.

All ACCRA Tour Z shaft lines feature super high modulus carbon graphite materials that enable ACCRA's engineers to provide golfers with an extremely stable hybrid shaft that has incredible feel. This aerospace grade material also provides us with the strength to incorporate the ACCRA Tour Z thin wall technology for better energy transfer and, again, feel.

The ACCRA Tour Z hybrid shaft promotes a penetrating flight that will not be affected by the unpredictable elements. When a golfer strikes a ball with any ACCRA Tour Z shaft, they will "feel" the difference and see the results, as there is nothing quite like it this series. 

At 85 grams, the ACCRA Tour Z hybrid is a perfect fit with any of the Tour Z wood shafts as a hybrid option.  Any discerning golfer looking for unparallelled power and feel should be testing an ACCRA Tour Z hybrid shaft at their nearest authorized ACCRA Tour Z Fitting Studio.


The ACCRA Tour Z is designed to be extremely stable line of shafts with three distinctive launch characteristics.  The unique aspect of this line of shafts is that the tip section is extremely stable yet the torque is not too low, again offering stability without the harsh feel that other tip firm shafts exhibit.  

This year's new and ultra cool graphics incorporate a matte black finish and a rubberized clear coat for a rich texture.  The ST and LS models feature an iridescent band that actually changes color in the sunlight as the shaft is rotated.  The Platinum Series uses ion plating to emphasize the premium look that an ACCRA Tour Z Platinum owner should expect.

Tour Z Technology

Constant taper design:

The constant taper design enables ACCRA to achieve the ultimate combination of maximum energy transfer, strength and feel.  Any change of the rate of taper throughout the length of the shaft acts as a barrier to the flow of energy; constant taper shafts allow energy to flow uninterrupted.

Thin all thickness:

High modulus materials were incorporated in order to utilize the thinnest wall thickness in the industry, thus maximizing the opportunity for weight distribution and offering smooth playability.  Feedback is an important attribute to any golf club, and Tour Z shafts promote maximum feedback and stability on all shots.

Constant flex technology:

All shafts within a model share identical specifications.  Once a golfer is fit to a Tour Z CB Platinum shaft, a fitter may test several different weights, knowing the shaft will all flex identically.  Most other shafts get softer as shafts get lighter, but ACCRA Tour Z shafts offer the most stable, light weight shafts in the industry.  This enables golfers of all levels to benefit from lighter shafts designed to play like heavier shafts.


ACCRA's Tour Z Benefits

The Tour Z program is designed to be a comprehensive fitting system, enabling a club fitter to fit using traditional methods and/or the innovative DyMatch philosophy.

ACCRA Tour Z encompasses unique design features.  The constant taper design of each shaft creates maximum energy transfer and optimal stability.  With the use of super high modulus composite materials, this ensures smooth feel and torsional strength.  The tip section of the Tour Z shaft is reinforced with Kevlar wrap to increase strength, allowing for higher torque and increased feel.

Tour Z's also maintained a Single Frequency Technology (SFT), where flex is consistent throughout all weights.  Each series in the Tour Z family has the optimal fitting combinations.

Tip Mid Butt Tip Butt Tip
Title Type Flex Launch Weight Length Flex Flex Flex CPM Parallel OD Torque OD
 TZ Hybrid   Hybrid  M3 Low 84 42 × × × × × 0.610 3.50 0.370
 TZ Hybrid   Hybrid  M4 Low 85 42 × × × × × 0.610 3.50 0.370
 TZ Hybrid   Hybrid  M5 Low 86 42 × × × × × 0.610 3.50 0.370

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