Aerotech SteelFiber hls880 Hybrid Shaft

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SteelFiber hls780 Hybrid

The same game-changing innovation that has made SteelFiber the No. 1 golf graphite iron shafts on the world tours, is also available for hybrid clubs. Specifically designed for use in hybrid clubs, SteelFiber golf hybrid shafts provide the accuracy of a steel shaft while also delivering the launch angles and spin rates needed for a hybrid club to perform as it was intended. The SteelFiber hybrid shafts are offered in a variety of weights and flexes to optimize hybrid performance for any player.

SteelFiber hls780 Hybrid Shaft Cross Section

Design & Technology 

  • Maximizes performance of hybrid clubs
  • Delivers smooth transition between irons and woods
  • Available in 3 weights and a variety of flexes to fit any swing

SteelFiber hls880 Hybrid Shaft Specifications

 Shaft Flex Length Weight Torque Tip O.D. Butt O.D. Bend Point
SteelFiber hls880 F5 44" 90g 3.1 .370" .600" Mid
SteelFiber hls880  F4 44" 90g 3.1 .370" .600" Mid
SteelFiber hls880 
F3 44" 90g 3.1 .370" .600" Mid
SteelFiber hls880 
F2 44" 90g 3.1 .370" .600" Mid

PDF - Trimming Instructions - Aerotech SteelFiber hls Hybrid Shaft Trimming Instructions

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