Cobra RADSPEED Hybrid

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Available 1/29/2021

Cobra RADSPEED Hybrids feature front-biased RADIAL WEIGHTING, with two 6 gram weights positioned in the front and a 7 gram back weight to deliver ultra low spin, forgiveness and a high launch. 

On the sole of the hybrid, you'll find two Baffler rails that prevent digging, allowing the club to glide effortlessly out of tight lies, thick rough, and even bunkers.  The front of the rails are hollow, which creates more face flex from heel to toe to increase launch conditions and distance.  To push ball speed even further, the RADSPEED's forged face insert is now thinner and more flexible. 

Cobra outfits the RADSPEED Hybrids with UST's Recoil 480 graphite shaft.  The stock grip is Lamkin's Crossline Connect, which features an Arccos Caddie sensor that allows you to track your on-course performance via the Arccos Caddie app.

Cobra RADSPEED Hybrids - Black/Turbo Yellow Feature:

  • RADIAL Weighting with two 6g front weights and a 7g back weight that delivers ultra low spin, a high launch and forgiveness
  • Hollow split rails in the front create 70% more flex from heel to toe for higher launch and more speed
  • Two Baffler sole rails prevent digging and allow the club to glide effortlessly through difficult lies
  • Forged face insert is thinner and more flexible to create faster ball speeds and a higher launch
  • Finish: Gloss Black/Turbo Yellow

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