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Edel Single Length Iron Fitting Service

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Edel SLS-01 Details


Allows for a thinner, stronger face to deliver a longer, more forgiving iron design.


Our face inserts feature a varying face thickness throughout the set to maintain proper ball speeds for each specific iron; delivering optimal and consistent distance gapping.


We have done some impressive work under the hood of our Single Length System Irons. By progressively decreasing the size of our internal cavities as loft increases we can control the ball speeds; resulting in proper distance gapping throughout the set.


Our hollow body iron is filled with a soft polymer material to provide improved feel, sound, and energy transfer.  This also allows us to move the weight to the perimeter of the iron; increasing the size of the sweet spot.


Multiple step forging process allows for better grain structure in our carbon steel irons; providing superior feel.


Through multiple design features we were able to locate the CG position in the center of the club face; improving shot dispersion and feel by maximizing head stability.


Adjustable weights allow for the ideal fitting process.  Spargo Golf Edel Certified Fitters can easily control the ideal weight to match the fitted length of the student. These weights allow for head weights ranging from 260 - 276 grams.


Edel has worked with their friends at Paderson Shafts to design a shaft specifically for use with the Single Length System. This shaft counteracts the negative effect of playing all irons the same length with a traditional shaft. The new design allows higher launch and distance in low lofted irons transitioning to lower launch and distance in the higher lofted irons; all while maintaining the same weight and feel. This allows for a more linear ball flight throughout the set; allowing for proper distance gapping between clubs. Available in 3 weights, 4 flexes, and Short, Mid, and Long iron profiles.


Edel, an industry leader in bounce education and sole design, they have developed an iron with the optimal sole width, bounce, and grind surface for Single Length System Irons.

Paderson Kinetixx - Shaft Banner

Intuitive - Shaft Technology!

KINETIXX® Loaded Ballistic Single Length iron shafts are the worlds most concentric and advanced composites. WOUND FOR SPEED and CHARGED FOR AN EXPLOSIVE TRANSFER OF KINETIC ENERGY INTO THE CLUBHEAD...

Balanced strength in the butt and tip quadrants. KINETIXX® BALLISTIC loaded continuous fiber filament wound shafts produce incomparable stability, dynamic response and feedback. Fitting the widest array of players and swing types. Tailored for torsional recovery, tuned to generate ball speed, tighten dispersion and produce a ballistic shot trajectory pattern throughout a highly advanced constant mass set of irons.....hit every iron in your bag like your favorite without sacrificing distance or trajectory...

• Discrete length • Constant weight • Variable "Pre-Loaded" Fiber tension • Variable Kick Point • Gradient torque • Progressive flex

Attenuation of vibration generates the purest kinetic energy transfer, from golfer to club. Maximizing swing efficiency, optimizing clubhead performance.

PADERSON® KINETIXX® loaded Ballistic SL shafts, are the genuine confluence of materials and craftsmanship.

Tailored for torsional recovery and designed specifically for the impact mechanics of constant mass irons and the optimization of trajectory in connection therewith.

Featuring a visible fiber structural geometry Kevlar matrix, that offers an incredibly high tensile strength-to-weight ratio, 5x stronger than steel, with 20x the elastic strength.

Available in three weight categories, 80g; 95g; 110g.

Whereas until now SL iron sets have all been built around a static shaft design platform limited by construction. Producing iron sets with an homogenous paper spec, but no justifiable performance gain whatsoever.

PADERSON KINETIXX Ballistic SL shafts are filament wound and pre-loaded for fiber tension during the construction process. Preordaining each shaft for fiber tension, torque, kick point and flex. Producing round concentric golf shafts, with no spine! Unparalleled Consistency.

Proprietary vacuum curing process Minimizes resin and Maximizes Fiber Area Weight to resin ratio.  Essential in the optimization of fiber performance and shaft design geometry. Creating a responsiveness and capacity to store and deliver energy at the critical moment of impact.


    For great insights about club fitting and the golf industry in general, watch these video's below by our friend Tom Wishon of Tom Wishon Golf Technology.  He is among the 'God Fathers' of the club fitting movement and has worked tirelessly to educate golfers of why its so important to look at your equipment, not just your swing, to gain the most enjoyment out of a round of golf.


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