KBS Tour Hybrid Steel Shaft

KBS Hybrid


The KBS HYBRID shaft delivers versatile performance suited for players desiring mid to high trajectory, spin control and a smooth feel. By selecting steel, players eliminate the inconsistencies inherent in multi-material designs like graphite ensuring tighter shot dispersion and seamless integration with their irons. The KBS HYBRID shaft takes advantage of both while packed full of player preferred KBS technology. Available in three flexes and weight categories ranging from 110g to 130g -- the KBS HYBRID shaft is a versatile fitting solution for better hybrid performance.

  • 100% premium steel manufacturing
  • Mid to high trajectory, spin control and KBS signature smooth feel
  • Advanced KBS technology maximizing energy transfer
  • Seamless integration with other KBS shaft models
  • Available in three flexes from 110g › 130g


    Tapered Tip Specs
    Shaft Type Wt. Fm Tip Dia. Butt OD. Length Torque Bal. Pt.
    Regular 105g 5.1 .355" taper .600" 37.5" 2.00 52%
    Stiff 110g 6.1 .355" taper .600" 37.5" 1.90 52%
    X-Stiff 115g 7.1 .355" taper .600" 37.5" 1.80 52%

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