Miura KM-006 Putter - 370g

**Custom Upgrade - Shaft Options

**Custom Upgrade - Grip Options

Discover the feel and control of a forged, milled, mild steel putter.

As with his forged iron heads, the Miura forging process creates an ultra smooth surface with very tight dimensional tolerances. The result is a putter with unmatched feel and precision.

"Series 1957" - limited special edition

“Designed for players seeking the very best from a classic design” says Katsuhiro Miura.

This new Miura “Series 1957” Classic design putter goes through the same forging process which makes the Miura Irons so successful in the consistency of the strike of the ball and in terms of feel. The Miura craftsmanship has been transferred to this toe weighted off set classic putter with an oiled chrome finish, which very much compliment its soft visual features.

This putter which comes in two weights 350gms and 370gms confirms it is possible to match looks with performance. The milled face is extremely forgiving and produces a strike which transmits to the feel, distance control and in achieving the truest of rolls from reduced skid. (Models KM 005 – 350, KM 006 – 370)

KM-005, KM-006 (Right Hand Only)
Material Mild Steel
Process Forging Finish + Milled Mild Steel
Finish W nickle (satin) + Chrome
Loft 3.0º
Lie 70º




The Drop-In weights from Balance-Certified Golf, Inc. revolutionized the game of golf back in 2003, when they were first introduced.  They were the first counter-weight technology to bring golfers of all abilities the opportunity to tune every club in the bag to their particular swing.  Called the “Best Invention for Serious Golfers” by James Achenbach, Golfweek Magazine.  Award winning performance will give enhanced feel, increased distance control and fewer putts. Spargo Golf can take golfers through our Tour proven fitting process to find the perfect weight.  These fitting weights allow the golfer to feel and see the difference immediately, without modifying their putter. The Drop-In weights are "engineered" for all golfers, all techniques and all brands of clubs.

No system breaks down and displays your stroke like the T.O.M.I putting system.  The T.O.M.I putting system is used by PGA Pros and many schools around the world. Gain access to the knowledge that will improve your game!  Spargo Golf uses the TOMI putting system to enhance our popular Putter Fitting results, proving out what putter, length, lie, balance, grip size, and more, will work best for your game, so you can sink more putts!


– Shaft Angle
– Impact Spot
– Speed at Impact
– Stroke Tempo


– Alignment at Address
– Path at Impact
– Stroke Path & Rotation
– Alignment at Impact

We have the ability to do Custom Putter Stamping In-house!  Letter and Number die-stamps allow our customers to get creative as to what they want on their club (putter, wedge, irons).  With over a dozen different paint color-fills available, custom stamping truly gives our golfers a sense of security that no on else can claim a club for their own, especially when your name is on it!  Protect yourself on the course, or on the range.  Also, it looks pretty cool too!  Your name, nickname, initials, or go crazy with graphic design that really shows your personality!  Our custom stamp artist will be in direct contact with you (the golfer) to arrange a design you're looking for. 

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