OBAN Kiyoshi HB Wood Shaft

OBAN Kiyoshi HB (High Balance) Shaft: Retail $360 (+Build Labor, Choose Installation Instruction)

Availability: Made-To-Order, Shaft Builds take approximately 10-14 business days to ship.

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Kiyoshi HB (High Balance) Wood Shaft

OBAN’s Kiyoshi HB combines next generation design technology and exotic aerospace materials to deliver an exceptional level of consistency and performance. The Kiyoshi HB is an medium bend profile shaft, ideal for golfers seeking mid-high launch and low-mid spin characteristics. OBAN’s proprietary multiplex technology (MPT) leverages the unique strength and flexibility of the latest high modulus aerospace exotics to optimize energy transfer to the ball.


Designed using OBAN’s breakthrough MultiPlex Design Technology and the world’s finest composite materials. High modulus low-resin materials combine to create unprecedented levels of structural stability.

Structural Design

The Kiyoshi HB is designed using OBAN’s proprietary MultiPlex Design Technology. High modulus unidirectional material strategically placed along the length of the shaft in 0, 45, and 90 degree angles reduces ovalization − stabilizing the shaft at impact.


Ideal for players seeking higher ball flight and lower spin.

OBAN Kiyoshi HB Wood Shaft - Specifications

Bend Profile: Medium Bend
Model Flex OBAN Flex Weight Torque Launch Spin Butt Diameter Tip Size
Kiyoshi HB 55 A 02 55 4.0º MID/HIGH LOW/MID .600" .335"
Kiyoshi HB 55 R 03 57 4.0º MID/HIGH LOW/MID .600" .335"
Kiyoshi HB 55 S 04 59 4.0º MID/HIGH LOW/MID .600" .335"
Kiyoshi HB 65 R 03 63 3.8º MID/HIGH LOW/MID .600" .335"
Kiyoshi HB 65 S 04 65 3.8º MID/HIGH LOW/MID .600" .335"
Kiyoshi HB 65 X 05 69 3.8º MID/HIGH LOW/MID .600" .335"
Kiyoshi HB 75 S 04 73 3.8º MID/HIGH LOW/MID .600" .335"
Kiyoshi HB 75 X 05 75 3.8º MID/HIGH LOW/MID .600" .335"


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