Orange Ferrule Double Red Ring - 12-Pack

Custom Designed Ferrule Pack - Quantity 12

Orange Ferrule with Double Red Ring


Fly your colors with pride from your school, state, country, or professional sports team!  Get Creative!  Get Loud! 

Why Custom Ferrules:

  1. Choosing ferrules to match your grip can create a very nice total package look for your set.
  2. SECURITY FOR YOUR CLUBS - NO GOLFER CAN CLAIM YOUR CLUBS AS THEIR OWN  Custom Colored Ferrules are a great way to keep track of your equipment.


***Please contact us for any custom design that you do not see on our website, we can work work with you to design any custom look you wish.  Upon request, we can send you a computer generated preview of your design idea for your approval and production.

Understanding Standard Ferrule Sizes and Features

Sample item listing:
    Black Regular Grooved 30° C'Sink


Item listing key (see diagram):
    .600 = Length (A)
    .335 = Inside Diameter (B)
    .500 = Hosel Outside Diameter (C)
    Black = Color
    Regular = Small End Edge Type (D)
    Grooved = Inside Wall Texture (E)
    30° C'Sink = Hosel Countersink (F)

 Standard Ferrule Features



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