Project X HZRDUS Black HAND-CRAFTED Hybrid Shaft

**NOTE- Per Project X request, all HAND CRAFTED shafts can not be sold loose directly to our customers and must be built by Spargo Golf whom has been recognized as Top 10 Worldwide Club-builder and Certified "Master" of Club Technology by the AGCP/GCA.  Therefore, the checkout price reflects shaft price plus parts and labor included.

Project X HZRDUS Black Hybrid Shaft: Retail $175 (+Build Labor, Choose Installation Instruction)
Availability: Made-To-Order, Shaft Builds take approximately 10-14 business days to ship.

Project X HZRDUS Hand Crafted - Logo

Project X HZRDUS Black delivers insane distance for the stronger and more aggressive golfer, without sacrificing control. Featuring increased stiffness along the full length of the golf shaft that allows golfers to put more power behind the ball, HZRDUS Black is the lowest spinning Project X graphite hybrid shaft.

What Does Hand Crafted Mean?

Exactly how it sounds, each shaft is made by hand, limiting production to 50-60 shafts produced daily.  Getting a 'Hand Crafted' shaft means you are literally getting the same shaft you see your favorite Tour Players playing.  Not from a different factory, not tricking you into thinking you have a "real" shaft, you're getting THE SAME SHAFT made by the same qualified 'Hand Crafted' technicians. 


 Shaft Flex Weight Torque Tip Butt Spin Launch
HZRDUS Black 85 Hybrid 5.5 85 2.9º .370" .600" Low Low
HZRDUS Black 85 Hybrid
6.0 85 2.9º .370" .600" Low Low
HZRDUS Black 85 Hybrid
6.5 85 2.9º .370" .600" Low Low


  • Top 10 Worldwide Club-Builder by the AGCP/GCA

  • Certified MASTER of Club Technology | AGCP

  • 500+ Pro & Amateur Tournament Wins with Spargo build equipment

  • We are professionals, not enthusiasts

Our equipment is the same price as anywhere else.  We strive to give golfers access to the best club-builder in the industry.  You deserve the same quality PGA/LPGA professionals get from their Tour Van.  We ensure the equipment you spend good money on is built correctly and performs to the quality you expect.

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