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The Yard Club is the lightest and most flexible club U.S. Kids Golf offers.  It will help first-time golfers learn to hit balls, have fun and see quick success.  The super-lightweight, oversize head makes good golf shots easier with a larger hitting area.  The molded grip promotes the proper hand position and a natural swing.  The Yard Club comes packaged with 3 soft limited-flight Yard Balls to use in your yard or at the park but it is designed to hit real golf balls too.

Right Start Yard Club SpecificationsFitting Guide 

Right Start Yard Club SpecificationsRight Start Yard Club | Club Specifications

Yellow Yard Balls - Dozen - US Kids Golf

$15.99 - Add A Dozen to your order!

12 limited-flight Yard Balls were designed to be used with your Yard Club in the back yard or the park. They come packaged in a mesh bag with a draw string for storage and portability.

Whether you just purchased the Yard Club or simply searching for the best beginner's club, you've come to the right place. Yard Club was designed to make it easy to learn how to play the game. Without question, the grip is the most important part of the learning process and success can be defined by simply getting the ball into the air. That's why Yard Club was created!

US Kids Golf - Yard Club Difference


• Molded Training Grip promotes proper hand position.

• Super-lightweight, oversized head provides more hitting area.

• Designed to hit limited flight and real golf balls, too!

• Great for fun, right in your back yard.

• Makes for an easy transition to the range.

• Yard Club prepares the beginning golfer for more advanced clubs.


Kids learn best when learning is fun and we encourage you to play with your kids in the back yard or at the park. Start by creating interesting games to promote accuracy. To help get you started, our Play and Learn team developed three simple games made just for the back yard. You probably have all the tools right in your garage to start! Download the game guide for reference and make sure to have fun out there using these games:

  • Make It, Move It. Introduces solid contact for beginners.
  • Bump and Run. Beginning chipping techniques.
  • Bucket List. Pitching exercises.


  • Early Start. For practical tips in helping the youngest of new players, we developed a parent's guide for kids 5 and under titled, Early Start. You can download this guide as a gift from us. Print it out and review periodically. Once a player reaches first grade, they may be ready to begin our learning program, which is taught in a fun, game-based way by many of our Certified Coaches around the country. Click here to find one.
  • U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program. Learn more about the proven Learning Program designed for beginners. U.S. Kids Golf Coaches Institute developed three unique levels that guide beginners through the basics to advanced swing forms. Click here for more information about the Level 1 program and learn how to purchase booklets today.

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