Titleist 917 D3 Driver


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Distance with workability in a traditional, Tour inspired 440cc pear profile. Offers more workability, a slightly lower launch and less spin versus 917D2.

Available Lofts: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°

MSRP: $550


Titleist 917 D3 Driver - Faster Ball Speeds

Faster ball speeds

 Off-center provide more distance, more often, delivering superior forgiveness.

Titleist 917 D3 Driver - Adjustability


Through industry leading SureFit® CG and SureFit® Hosel provide the best possible fit for every golfer of any skill level.

Titleist 917 D3 Driver - Sound and Acustic

Sound and acoustic

Frequencies have been Tour validated to inspire confidence and enhance feel.

Titleist 917 D3 Driver - Trajectory and Shot Shape

Trajectory and shot shape

Customization provide golfers a more consistent and repeatable shot from the tee.


Titleist 917 D3 Driver - Surefit CG

SureFit® CG

Allows the CG to be moved from a back, heel position to a forward, toe position through interchangeable weights, optimizing spin and launch conditions for every player.

Titleist 917 D3 Driver - Surefit CG

Active Recoil Channel™ 2.0 

Refined thickness through the channel reduces spin and increases speed.

Titleist 917 D3 Driver - Radial Speed Face 2.0

Radial Speed Face 2.0 

Enhanced with a thinner perimeter face width to promote a greater off-center ball speed for more overall distance across the face.

Titleist 917 D3 Driver - Surefit Hosel

SureFit® Hosel 

16 independent loft and lie settings, create a more consistent and optimized ball flight through precision fitting.


LOFT¹ 8.5° 9.5° 10.5°
VOLUME 440cc 440cc 440cc
LENGTH² 45.00" 45.00" 45.00"
LIE¹ 58.5° 58.5° 58.5°

¹Loft and Lie are independently adjustable, see the SureFit® Performance Guide for details.
²Women's standard length is 44.00".
Titleist driver shafts can be custom tipped 0.5", 1.0", or 1.5".

Stock Shaft

 Mitsubishi Diamana LTD.

Titleist 917 D3 Driver - Stock Shaft

See All Custom Shaft Options - No Up-Charge

Stock Grip

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 - Standard

Titleist 917 D3 Driver - Stock Grip

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