Wishon Golf 730CL Driver (Clubhead ONLY)

Wishon Golf

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Price is Component Club-Head ONLY

Expressly Designed for Golfers with a Clubhead Speed of 80mph and Lower to Generate More Distance

  • The 730CL titanium driver is designed with 16° loft to match perfectly with clubhead speeds of 80mph and lower to deliver the best launch angle for more distance.
  • Designed as a 400cc volume driver with a slight, semi-offset hosel and 1° closed face angle to offer accuracy improvement for golfers who fade the ball.
  • 730CL face is designed thinner than normal to increase face deflection and ball speed for golfers with an 80mph clubhead speed and lower.
  • Available in RH only, finished in a striking deep burgundy gloss ‘see-though’ finish.



730CL driver specifications
Head Volume Loft Lie Face Angle Weight Bulge Roll Face  Prog.
1-400 400cc 16 56 1 closed 205g 13" GRT 17.5mm
730CL driver dimensions
Head Face Ht. Face Width Front-Back Bore Diam. Hosel OD Face Area RH
1-400 56mm 102mm 106mm 0.335" 13.0mm 4500mm2 RH
Basic Length Assembly
Clubhead   Men's Lengths Length Range Women's Lengths Length Range Shaft Options  Hosel Bore 
Driver 43" - 44" 42" - 43"  730CL Wood, 650 A/L Wood, ZT Series A, InterFlexx A Wood 0.335"


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