Wishon Golf 739 CCG Drivers (Clubhead ONLY)

Wishon Golf

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Price is Component Club-Head ONLY

The Ultimate in Custom Features Within a Titanium Driver Head Design


  • 739CCG Titanium Drivers are True Forged to enable an ultra-thin 0.7mm wall thickness design to reduce the headweight to be as light as 193 grams for over length assembly when desired
  • Five Different Color Coded Weight Screws plus TWGT's hosel weight bore allows clubmakers to customize the headweight from 193g up to 229g to offer length assembly from 42" to 46 1/2"
  • Different Weight Screws Allow Center of Gravity Movement to change launch angle by up to 2.5 degree while also changing spin up to 500 rpms for later release players.
  • Color Coded Weight Screws are offered in 2.5g(red), 6.5g(black), 9g(white), 13g(gold) and 16g(silver).   730CCG head requires two screws - Weight Screws are Ordered Separately.
  • Cp4 Titanium Hosel Allows Custom Lie and Face Angle Bending by +/-2* in any direction.  Bending requires proper woodhead loft and lie machine and extreme care when clamping the head to prevent crushing the thin body wall structure.



739CCG driver specifications
Head Volume Loft Lie Face Angle Weight Bulge Roll Face  Prog.
739-9.5 450cc 9.5 58 0 Square 188g 13" 20" GRT 19mm
739-11 450 11 58 1 Hook 188 13 20 21
739CCG driver dimensions
Head Face Ht. Face Width Front-Back Bore Diam. Hosel OD Face Area RH
739-9.5 54mm 110mm 109mm 0.335" 13.0mm 4950mm2 RH
739-11 54 110 109 0.335 13.0 4950 RH
Basic Length Assembly
Clubhead   Men's Lengths Length Range Women's Lengths Length Range Shaft Options  Hosel Bore 
Driver 43" - 44" 42" - 43" 0.335"


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