Wishon Golf 870Ti Iron Set (Clubheads ONLY)

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Price is Component Club-Head ONLY - #3-PW (8pcs)

870Ti Irons

The Ultimate in High Performance Iron Design with CNC Machined Variable Thickness Titanium Face for High COR and Superb Off-Center Hit Forgiveness


  • Forged, CNC machined, variable thickness Beta-Titanium face design increases the ball speed to the highest possible level for an iron design.
  • Thin Beta-Titanium face design allows more weight to be removed from the face than is possible with a steel face to be used on the toe and heel areas to increase the MOI of the head for even better off-center hit performance.
  • Slightly oversize head profile automatically increases the MOI over more traditional iron head sizes to add even more to the off-center hit capability of the 870Ti.
  • 870Ti variable thickness titanium face increases the ability of the face to flex more to offer the same 0.830 COR as a driver.  Variable thickness face also increases off-center face flexing for superb off-center hit performance.
  • Low-offset hosel design allows a wider range of players to benefit from the super high performance design characteristics of the 870Ti.
  • Fully radiused sole grind with beveled leading edge provides the most playability for all levels of golfers from all types of lie conditions.
  • Available in RH in #3 – 9, PW, AW, SW, finished in bright satin polish.
  • Produced with post-2010 new USGA scorelines.

Tom Wishon talks about the 870 Ti Irons

A 360º view of the 870TI Iron Clubhead




    870Ti Specifications
    Club Loft Lie Weight Offset  Sole Angle  Toe Height  Heel Height  Blade Length RH/LH
    3-iron 18 59 239g 4mm 1 54mm 32mm 82mm RH
    4-iron 23 60 246 3.5 2 55 33 82 RH
    5-iron 26 61 253 3 2 56 33.5 82 RH
    6-iron 30 61.5 260 2.5 2 57 34 82 RH
    7-iron 34 62 267 2.5 3 58 34.5 82 RH
    8-iron 38 63 274 2 3 59 35.5 82 RH
    9-iron 42.5 64 281 2 3 60 36 82 RH
    PW 47 64 284 2 4 60 37 82 RH
    AW 51.5 64 284 2 4 60 37 82 RH
    SW 56 64 298 2 10 61 38 82 RH

    Head/Body Material:
    Investment Cast, Annealed Hosel, 17-4 Stainless
    Face Material:
    SP700 Forged Beta Titanium
    Ferrule Required:
    Yes, any iron ferrule with a 13.2mm bottom OD
    U-Groove; 0.75mm x 0.4mm x 2.6mm, CNC machined
    Loft/Lie Bending:
    Yes, but we do not recommend bending more than +/-2 for
    loft or lie
    Hosel Length:
    Bore Depth:
    Bore Diameter:
    0.370" parallel
    Sole Width Range at Toe/Heel:
    #4-iron: 19mm/15.5mm
    #7-iron: 19.5mm/15.5mm
    PW: 20mm/16mm
    Toe to Heel Leading
    Edge Radius:
    #3-AW: 275mm Radius
    Face to Back Sole Radius:
    40mm Toe/50mm Heel


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