Wishon Golf 925HL Fairway Wood (Clubhead ONLY)

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Price is Component Club-Head ONLY

Full Game Improvement for Slice Reduction Offered in 3-wood through 9-wood


  • 925HL is Designed to Reduce a Slice or Fade through its semi-offset hosel and closed face angle.  The semi-offset hosel is slight and is pleasing to look at in the playing position.
  •  Investment Cast from 431 Stainless to Allow Bending for +/-2* Lie and Face Angle Changes – requires woodhead bending machine or ask TWGT to perform the lie and face angle custom specs when you order.
  • Variable Thickness Face Design offers an increase in off-center distance and impact feel
  • Each 925HL Fairway Woodhead has 2 Weight Bores to expand your fitting options to achieve normal swingweight ranges over a wider variety of different shaft weights and lengths.
  • 925HL Woods Can be Used as Long Iron Replacement Clubs – some golfers have more confidence with a fairway wood over a hybrid.  925HL becomes an option to replace low loft irons because the designs include a 7 and 9 wood (3 and 4 iron replacements).
  • 925HL Fairway Woodheads are Available in RH and LH – RH in #3, 4, 5, 7 and 9.  LH in #3, 5, and 7.

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