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Scoring Zone

November 09, 2023

Scoring Zone Spargo Golf Wedges Gapping

Scoring zone...  Where is your scoring zone and what tools do you use?  Identifying your scoring zone is so important, knowing yardage, knowing your equipment.  There are different ways to gap, great wedge makers say 4-6 degrees help keep things tight.  Depending on your irons and lofts we can gap the scoring wedges.  Lets call scoring clubs 46* - 60*.  Now its matching your game based on strengths and weaknesses.

Being in game improvement irons shouldnt make you think you cant gap like blades.  For example, if your PW is 43*, your scoring clubs could be 48* 53* 58* giving us a 4 wedge system.  Knowing PW loft and then being open to possible high loft wedge change or you have the chance to possible a 5 wedge set.  If you are a shorter hitter, you may want to consider spacing the hybrids wider and the wedge gap closer.  Staying with strong loft clubs.  To keep the 4* gap 43* 47* 51* 55* 59* keeps everything traditional in a way.  So maybe go 10.5*, 16.5* FW, 20* Hy., 6,7,8,9,P, 47*, 51*, 55*, 59* leaves 13 full swing (putter always counted) clubs.  This full set is an example of a set after one of out fits for a player who wanted competition set. Come check out your set in the kitchen with me and get you dialed in for the 2024 season! Happy Golfing