About Us

Welcome to Spargo Golf's New Website

We greatly appreciate you taking time to view our website.  Our goal is to provide you with an informative and entertaining insight into our company and its services.  We invite you to view our videos, read about our services and peruse our Blogs. With the Addition of our New E Commerce Website, Spargo Golf can offer the Benefits of Custom Fitting and Custom Clubmaking to a wider range of Golfers. The addition of Shaft Pulls and Pre-Owned Golf Clubs offers an opportunity for our customers to receive the best Value for their investment.

We believe the more time you spend on our site, the more you will gain an appreciation for the art of Custom Clubfitting. We welcome all inquiries about our services, and your recommendations on how we can best serve you the avid Golfer. Please take notice of our Videos and extensive line of Pictures which accurately, and precisely shows the quality of our Products.

Our Goal

Spargo Golf has established a working relationship with Golf Professionals at every level of the game. We have Fitted and performed work for many of the top Amateur players in the world. As rewarding as the success of our professionals and amateurs is, We gain the greatest satisfaction from professionally and properly fitting YOU the average golfer, You the Beginning Golfer, You the Woman Golfer, You the Senior Golfer, You the Golfer with a Passion for the game of Golf and for the enjoyment of the Game of Golf. Let us Provide You with Best Fit for Your Game.

Brief History of Spargo Golf

Since 1988, Tom Spargo has been satisfying the needs of Golfers worldwide, by providing the most advanced clubfitting techniques and club assembly skills. Tom provides experience, knowledge, and personalized service, which aids players of all levels and builds confidence in their golf equipment.

Tom has been recognized as a World Top 100 Clubfitter, International Top 10 Clubmaker, and more recently awarded the designation as Master of Clubfitting by the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals. Additionally, Tom attends Educational Conferences each year to remain current in the latest techniques and technologies.

Spargo Golf provides reliable service mixed with modern golf technology and old-time dependability. If you seek to improve your game, personalize it at Spargo Golf.

With his knowledge, education, and experience, Tom is positioned to help his customers improve their games and increase their level of enjoyment. Spargo Golf uses Launch Monitor Technology, Frequency Matching, and Moment of Inertia Assembly Techniques to Provide the Most Advanced Principles of Clubfitting for each and every Golfer.

Our objective is to establish a partnership with our customers. We take into account a players goals and physical challenges, if any exist. Club length, flex, and lie are accounted for to be sure clubs perfectly match a players height and needs. With precise attention to detail, crisp, solid golf shots will be repeated, time and time again. Personalizing your equipment will increase your confidence, improve your results, and add a new level of fun to your golf game. - Tom Spargo