FAQ's Club Fittings

How Long Will the Fitting Take?

Fittings last for approximately 2 hours.   Spargo Golf takes time to measure your existing clubs, take static measurements, and conducts a brief interview to determine the Golfer's goals and desires.

Why Custom Built  Clubs?

Custom Built Clubs are precisely built to best suite the Golfer's swing as determined from the club fitting.  Shaft length, Shaft Frequency, Lie Angle, Grip Size, and Moment of Inertia (MOI) are precisely matched. This is not how OEM's build their Golf Clubs, and the tolerances in OEM clubs are much wider than you would ever find in a Custom Built Set of Clubs.

How Long Does it Take to Get the Clubs after the Fitting?

The Custom Build Process takes approximately 10 days from placement of the order. Upon delivery of the clubheads, shafts, grips, accessories, etc, the process of Blue-Printing the golf clubs begins.  Each piece is accurately measured and weighed.  This process insures that your set is built congruent to each other which is what makes your club set feel uniformed and built unitedly.

What is the Cost of Custom Built Clubs?

Custom Built Clubs vary in price.  Each company has their own pricing.  As we are a fitting studio, we are allowed to offer clubs individually, meaning we do not need to sell you extra equipment you will not need/use on the golf course.  Because of this, our irons are sold as individual items, not as sets, which help our clients keep it simple when purchasing equipment by building ONLY the clubs they need, and not spend money on extra equipment they don't need.  (example: buying an iron set 3-P, but then taking out the 3 and 4 irons to replace with hybrids..  this is an example of buying 2 extra clubs you will not use)

Why Wishon Clubheads?

In his career, Tom Wishon has been recognized for creating sophisticated, industry-acclaimed designs for clubheads, shafts,and grips.
Tom has authored eight books on clubmaking, shaft fitting and research, and custom clubfitting. Even more notable in Wishon's career is the fact that he is credited with more than 50 golf industry design technology firsts and is still the only designer from the custom clubmaking industry to have created models which have been used to win on the PGA Tour and in Ryder Cup competition.
On a more technical note, Wishon clubheads are hand-picked to exact Loft and Face Angle.  This is unheard of in the OEM line of Clubs.  Spargo Golf can confidently order your clubheads to the precise specifications you were fit for.
Yet you Still Sell OEM Golf Clubs?
Spargo Golf understands that many Golfers are predisposed to buying a certain brand or make of Golf Club.  We offer our Customers the choice of OEM equipment, explaining that the club assembled in the OEM factory does not meet as strict a building process as Custom Built Clubs.  We offer all our Custom Fit customers the option to upgrade the OEM clubs upon delivery to Spargo Golf.  Spargo Golf orders your clubs uncut and ungripped, and then make Frequency and MOI adjustments in our Custom Shop.