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Most players are not aware of the dynamics of putters. Adjustment of loft, lie, & length can greatly enhance consistency. Use of cameras, lasers, and visual observations will allow the clubfitter to determine what adjustments will have the best results.

Player Benefit: A putter that is custom fitted for weight, length, lie and loft, will consistently roll the ball straighter and with less tendency to skid or bounce off the intended line.

TOMI is the revolutionary new putting analyzer from Pure Motion

  • It shows how the putter head position has changed from 'Address' to 'Impact'
  • It shows the 'stroke path' in 2 different ways, so you can see the 'path' at impact or the full 'path' relative to the target line
  • It shows feedback relating to 'Shaft Angle', and 'Impact Zone' on the putter face, crucial information needed to help improve the roll on the ball as well as ball position at address
  • 'Speed at Impact' information helps determine deceleration and consistency. 'Stroke Tempo' is timed and displayed in seconds. It also calculates correct ratio between back stroke and follow-through.
Customer Experience from Spargo Golf Custom Putter Fitting
  1. Brief Interview to determine the Customer's goals and desires.
  2. Customer's Putter is measured for Swingweight, Total Weight, Loft, Lie, and Length
  3. Customer's Swing is Analyzed using the Tomi Putter Fitting program.
  4. Customer is now ready to be Tested with Various Putters to determine which Club Specifications can Optimize the Customer's Performance.  Use of Balance Certified Weights to Increase consistency of impact and stroke path.
  5. Determinations are made in regards to Customer's existing Putter. Options are given for Retro-Fitting or Recommendations are made to purchase a New Putter.
  6. Customer Receives printouts from the Tomi Putter System with their Optimized Stroke

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