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Use of impact labels, laser speed measurements, and an extensive inventory of test clubs, we can determine the proper length, flex, and lie angle for any given set of irons/hybrids.

Player Benefit: By knowing the best length, lie and flex for a player we can build a frequency matched set of irons/hybrids which will allow the player to more easily repeat the same good swing. An adjustment in lie will allow the player to hit the ball closer to the target. Length adjustments will allow the player to repeatedly hit the ball closer to the center of gravity on the clubface.

Customer Experience from Spargo Golf Custom Iron Fitting
  1. Brief Interview to determine the Customer's goals and desires.
  2. Customer's Irons/Hybrids are measured for Moment of Inertia (MOI), Shaft Frequency, Swing Weight and Total Weight. The angles of the Face, Loft, and Lie are Measured. Customer is measured for Club Length and Grip Size.
  3. Customer's Swing is Analyzed using the FLIGHTSCOPE PRIME, a 3 dimensional Launch Monitor System. Attention is given to Swing Speed, Tempo, and Release Point. Grouping Radius, Carry Distance and Smash Factor are closely tracked and calculated.
  4. Customer is now ready to be Tested with various Fitting Irons/Hybrids to determine which Club Specifications can Optimize the Customer's Performance.
  5. Determinations are made in regards to Customer's existing set of Irons/Hybrids. Options are given for Retro-Fitting or Recommendations are made to purchase New Irons/Hybrids. Customer can expect that one of the existing irons will be retro-fitted during the fitting at no additional cost. (Loft/Lie, Length, Swingweight, Grip Size)
  6. Customer Receives printouts from the Flightscope Analysis and a Fitting sheet with their optimal specifications.

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