How To: Turn-Down or Blend Golf Ferrules

How To: Turn-Down or Blend Golf Ferrules

February 22, 2016

How To Turn-Down a Ferrule (Blending)

This is a quick How-To guide to Blending or Turning-Down ferrules from home, without the need of specialized bench-top equipment.  This process is the the finishing touch to any build that makes an amateur builder look like a professional.  

 When building or repairing a golf club that requires a ferrule, you may notice that the ferrule's base O.D. (outside diameter) is larger than the club hosel O.D..  Meaning, there is an overhang (or ledge) of the ferrule to the club-hosel.  This is only a cosmetic issue and wont affect performance of the club, but looks bad when its not addressed properly.  Therefore, you may be required to "Blend" or "Turn-Down" the ferrule so it meets the club flawlessly and seamless.

Ferrule - Before Image

What you will need:

• Gloves (Latex)
• Fine Steel Wool
• Acetone

    Easy Step by Step Guide

    WARNING: Use gloves during this process, it can/will be very harmful to your hands and skin.

     Apply Acetone to Steel Wool
    Step 1 - Using fine steel wool, apply acetone to the wool.  (the steel wool is not a sponge, be careful when applying the acetone as it may run straight thru the wool).


    Apply Steel Wool To Ferrule
    Step 2 - With the acetone on the steel wool, place onto the ferrule like your "pinching" the ferrule, and spin the club in one direction (do not scrub back-and-fourth).  The combination of the acetone and steel wool will shave off and eat at the plastic ferrule, blending it to the hosel.


    NOTE: Every time you repeat this process for another club (i.e., your doing a set of irons, or multiple clubs at once), use a new piece of steel wool.  I recommend taking one piece/bunch of wool, and pulling it apart into multiple pieces, resembling a large cotton-ball.  Keep using a clean piece of steel-wool for every ferrule you attempt to blend.  Do Not reuse the steel wool.

    Blended Ferrule - Before and After

    You're Finished!

    Now your club-build looks seamless and professional!

    Custom Ferrules are available @SpargoGolf!  If you don't see a design that fits your style, email us your thoughts of an idea.  We'll create a computer generated image of your design for you approval, and will manufacture it to your style and specs!

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