Bespoke Designed Ferrules by BB&F Co. [INSTALLATION]

To keep things simple, the PRICE IS ALL INCLUSIVEAll parts and labor are included within the price.  It's your choice of ferrule and grip for your custom project and the price remains the same per club. 

Ferrules are an amazing way to add some flair to your set clubs.  We enjoy using BB&F Co. brand ferrules for our custom club-making.  We keep a limited inventory of different designs in-house where you can swing by and choose in person, OR, you can purchase a set directly from BB&F and provide them to us for your build.  Bespoke BB&F ferrule designs are small-batch productions and can sell out quickly, however new designs are always dropping! 

Here's how it works:

  1. Select a Ferrule.
  2. Select Grip of Choice. (any Golf Pride, Lamkin or Winn)
  3. Ship your club(s) to us.
  4. We'll rebuild your set back to spec using your NEW custom ferrule(s) and grips.
  5. We'll ship back a set that you can be proud of!


  • Please assume production can take up to 3 - 4 weeks from when all parts arrive.

PRODUCTION PROCESS:  Professional ferrule installation by Spargo Golf is described as a COMPLETE TEAR DOWNRE-BUILD of the club(s).  The process is not quick and requires significant attention to deliver clubs back to spec.  

  1. Grip must be removed from club.
  2. Shaft professionally pulled from club-head.
  3. Shaft and Club-head get prepped for re-install, clean abrade technique for strong epoxy adhesion. 
  4. Ferrule (and any additional parts required by club) are prepped for install (ferrule collar, shim, adaptor, etc...).
  5. Club is re-assembled and epoxied and left to cure to full strength.
  6. Custom Ferrule gets blended to the hosel for a seamless transition.
  7. Swing Weight alterations are performed with use of lead or tungsten. 
  8. New Grip installed.
  9. Club(s) gets packed up and shipped back to you! 


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