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Gapping Session

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Gapping Session

This session encompasses gapping distances ONLY.  Hitting only the golfers current equipment (not testing or hitting anything new), the fitter and player will go through the bag hitting and measuring each club to ensure distance gapping between each club occurs consistently.  While discussing carry distance v. total distance, we can better adjust the equipment to suit the players needs.  Distances for each club will be recorded and given to the player at conclusion of the session.  This service includes the loft/lie bending service, there is not an additional fee for the bending/club-adjustment. 

Player Benefit:  Properly gapped irons help a golfer improve their greens in regulation for better scoring opportunities.

What To Expect in a Gapping Session:

  1. A brief interview to determine the players needs and goals.  During this interview, the fitter evaluates the players current equipment to begin understanding the players current performance.  
  2. The players begins hitting balls on our full-flight 300 yard range (no simulator or net, real flight!) with the assistance from a FlightScope 3-D Launch Monitor.  Using the players current equipment will establishes a performance base-line reading.
  3. While the player is hitting, the fitter in real-time will be adjusting the clubs loft and lie.  
  4. At conclusion of the session, the players newly adjusted clubs are given back to the player with a distance report for each club in the bag.  

NOTE - This session is gapping for Irons and Wedges.  Unless a wood/hybrid has an adjustable adaptor, any bonded metal woods are non-adjustable and can not be tweaked.  We can still provide distance report for these clubs, but we will not be able to adjust the club.  If the club does have an adaptor, and can be adjusted, we will do so.

Gapping Session with FlightScope X3


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