Wellputt Mat (Classic)

TheWelling-putt is the ultimate putting mat, not just by its concept, but also the quality of its texture and the exercises in its Training Book.

Product information

Welling putt has been designed based on the theories of Alain Berthoz who advanced the hypothesis that: “The Memory of space in fact calls on a memory of movement, this being based on body movements associated with visual points of reference“.

Wellputt Mat - Graphics

A good putt is the result of a good aim and the right speed.
This is why we have designed welling-putt® with two directions of play 


Wellputt Matt - AIM


Wellputt Mat - Feeling

Tools for Alignment and Length

Wellputt Mat - Alignment line for the putter face
Alignment line for the putter face

Will help you aim your body by matching the putter face

Wellputt Mat - Alignment Line for direction
Alignment line

for the direction you are hitting towards

Wellputt Mat - Stroke Length
Necessary length of the stroke 

to get through the ball with the right speed

Wellputt Mat - Good Putt Zone

The concept of the Welling putt mat

For the first time ever, you will have to pass the hole and finish behind in the "welling putt zone" or the "good putt zone"

"Good Putt" Zone

It is a proven fact that a putt that has the strength of strike to finish in a zone between 1ft and 2ft behind the hole has a better resistance to slopes, and therefore more chance of actually going down the hole.

Wellputt Mat - Putting Zone
For experienced golfers, the “Up putt zone”will develop their offensive aspect, whilst ensuring the return putt.
Wellputt Mat - Down Putt Zone


Similarly to the Up putt zone, the Down putt zone will develop a player’s fine sensitivity, whilst ensuring the return putt.

The Wellputt MAT Courses

More 50 exercices on 3 differents courses ( Evaluation, Confirmed, Professional)

EVALUATION - Yellow Course

Wellputt Mat - Yellow Course Evaluation

Confirmed - Blue Course

Wellputt Mat - Blue Course - Confirmed

Professional - Black Course

Wellputt Mat - Black Course - Professional

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