Club Adjustment Services

Club Adjustment

Properly adjusted and fitted golf clubs can be the most beneficial investment a player can make which immediately and positively impacts playing performance. We can perform: Regripping & Grip Sizing | Reshafting | Frequency Matching | Loft/Lie | Weighting | Spine alignment and FLO (flat line oscillation)
Click to see a short video from our friend Tom Wishon talking about Custom Fit vs Standard Off the Rack Golf Clubs.

Regripping & Grip Sizing

The only parts of the body in contact with the club are the hands. Proper Grip size is imperative. A simple measuring tool can tell us what size grip fits your hand size. Just as important as size, is material and texture. Grips become worn over time, and need to be kept up in order to provide the best feel and performance.

Player Benefits: Proper grip size and texture will allow the player to properly hold the club and release the clubhead. Shots will be crisper and straighter when grips are sized and installed correctly.


The technology is available through launch monitors and shaft profiling to determine the best performing shaft for the individual golfer. Existing clubs can be retro-fitted with the right shaft for the golfer’s swing.

Player Benefits: Shafts that react optimally to the golfer’s swing will allow more centered impacts and tighter shot dispersion. Practically any club can be retro-fitted with the proper shafts for the golfer.

Spine alignment and FLO (flat line oscillation)

Proper alignment of the shaft will result in a more consistent and responsive performance of the golf club. Shafts will want to return to the most stable point. By using spine alignment technology, clubs can be built to respond in a more consistent manner.

Player Benefits: Spine Alignment will assure that each club responds consistently throughout the golf swing. Frequencies will be tighter when shafts are spine aligned. Spine alignment assures the player’s clubs are finely tuned to respond with their swing characteristics.