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Torque Balanced technology strategically removes weight from the toe of the putter, creating a "toe-up" balance point versus a traditional "toe-down" or "face balanced" putter.  With its optimally weighted design, the torque balanced putter is less susceptible to the forces of torque during the putting stroke.  The torque balanced technology is contained completely within the sole of the putter to maintain a sleeker and professional look at address.
The revolutionary torque balanced technology from Edel Golf significantly reduces the negative efforts of torque, promoting a smoother and more consistent motion and allowing the putter head a greater opportunity to return to square at impact.


Edel Golf's industry leading putter fitting system offers players the unique ability to create a putter that is precisely fitted to every aspect of their putting stroke. A fitting session with an Edel Certified Fitter (which Spargo Golf is!) addresses variables such as geometric head shape, hosel design, offset, weight, sight line configuration, lie angle, loft, and length measurements to design a one-of-a-kind putter that you will aim correctly with proper speed control. 


Edel Putter Shape


Edel - Head Shape

The shape of your putter head and how you perceive that shape will affect how you aim it. Much of this aim bias is based on where a putter forces you to look when you’re setting up at address. Because a mallet features a circular back, you have to look at the leading edge to set the face perpendicular to your target line. With a blade style putter you can use either the back or the leading edge, since both are parallel. With our three head shapes we can find a shape that produces optical geometries that allow you to consistently aim it at your target.



Lines on your putter head are critical to how you aim your putter. Lines can exert both positive and negative effects depending on how your eyes interpret them. Not only is it a question of whether or not to have aim lines, but also where they should be placed and how many should be used. Your ideal line scenario is determined through our fitting process.


Edel - Offset

Shaft offset and shape produce optical geometries that create aim responses in your subconscious. Some tend to aim you more to the left and some tend to aim you more to the right. Through our fitting process we determine the correct shaft offset for your aim scenario.


Edel - Weight

Edel has been manipulating weight at the grip end of the putter, also known as counterweighting, in our fitting process since 1996. Adding weight to the handle and/or at various locations in the middle of the shaft is an effective way to improve the way the putter reacts in your hands. Our fitting system is replete with multiple ways to alter the weight of the grip end and the shaft to not only match the speed control needs of individual players, but also their aim.





Thank you for your interest of Edel Putters.  For any additional information that we may not have answered here, please feel free to contact the shop for deeper inquiry.