FAQ's ClubMaking

 Are Shaft Pulls all prepped and ready to install?

YES!!  All shafts pulls are ready for immediate installation.  Just make sure you have epoxy, ferrules, and a grip.

How do i know which ferrule to choose?

Ferrule diameters should match the tip diameter of the shaft you are installing.  Just take your time to make sure you do not need a specialty ferrule for clubs like Callaway and Taylormade.

Which Epoxy is best for Me?

Epoxy Set time should determine the eipoxy best for you.  3 minute epoxy will let you work on 2 maybe 3 clubs before it sets, while longer set epoxies (25-45 min) allow you to take your time or work on multiple clubs.

Will you offer "How To" Videos on your Website?

Spargo Golf will be introducing "HOW TO"  Videos in the near future.  Grip Installation, Properly Mixing Epoxy, Shaft Spining, Shaft FLO, Clubhead Removal, and Club Assembly Videos are all in the process of being developed