FootJoy Performance Fitting

3 MPH club-head speed gained after changing shoes, equating to roughly 10 yards gained off the tee.

- Dr. Sasho MacKenzie - Renowned Sports Biomechanist

Spargo Golf is pleased to announce that we have partnered with FootJoy to become an exclusive FootJoy Performance Fitting Center. We will feature a comprehensive BodiTrak system that analyzes your personal swing, fitting you to a shoe that matches your weight-shifting tendencies.  Based on your results, an algorithm matches you to a specific shoe designed for the golfer to maximize their performance on the course.  

FootJoy BodiTrak Fitting

The program has the golfer hit a few balls with ones own driver.  While hitting, the golfer is standing on what looks like any homes welcome matt.  Connected to a computer, the matt tracks the golfers weight-shifting properties during each swing, and identifies the golfer as a Mobile Responder, Structured Responder, or Dual Responder.  Matching a shoe to fit swing tendencies has scientifically been proven to gain 3 mph club-head speed after changing shoes, equating to roughly 10 yards gained off the tee.  

At the end of the day, FootJoy and BodiTrak teamed up to build a product that fits footwear to your golf swing, not just your feet.  The concept is that footwear should be viewed as equipment, and is a great complement to Spargo Golf to accompany any club-fitting.  

FootJoy Fitting

Spargo Golf will offer this service FREE to all customer's signing up for a Full-Bag Fitting, but will also be available independently.  The service will be a $25 Fee to utilize the FootJoy Performance Fitting System, it's approximately a 15 min. session, and the Fee will be available for credit to put toward your shoe purchase for 30 days.

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