Is Edel right for me?

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Is the Edel Torque Balanced Putter right for you?

•Edel's Torque balanced Fitting System offers three (3) styles of putter heads in three (3) options of finishes (Black, Platinum, or Gold). 

•Edel's Putters come in lengths from 32" to 37".  With lie options from 67º to 73º.  Edel offers three (3) options for hosel configuration which are offset, onset, and back-set.

•With these same options in both LH and RH models, Edel can fit every golfer.

•With 3 head weight options, 339g to 354g.  Four (4) counter-weighting options and three (3) shaft weight options over an 8" insertion depth and four (4) grip options.

•Edel offers millions of putter combinations.

•Edel's system does not allow for adjustments of your current putter.

•We cannot order other manufacturer's putters built to the Edel specifications.

•Edel offers a complete solution to golfer's greatest putting inconsistencies.