Mizuno - Custom Wood Shaft Options

Below you'll find a list of Custom Shaft Options that are available from Mizuno at No Additional Charge.  Spargo Golf will Custom Order your set, and you will receive clubs directly from Mizuno USA located in Norcross, Georgia.  That's pretty nifty...

Don't settle for what you can find in store's, order what you need from Spargo Golf.

Wood Shaft Options

Fujikura Speeder Evo II Flex Weight Torque Ball Flight Tip Butt
Mizuno Speeder EVO II Shaft
Fujikura Speeder Evo II Driver and Fairway 
757 -X 79g 2.7 Low .335" .605"
757 -S 78g 2.7 Low .335" .605"
661 -X 69g 3.2 Mid .335" .605"
661 -S 68g 3.2 Mid .335" .605"
569 -S 59g 3.6 Mid .335" .600"
569 -R 57g 3.6 Mid .335" .600"
474 -R2 47g 3.7 Mid .335" .600"


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