Why Shaft Pulls?


    Spargo Golf carefully chooses which shafts are suitable for re-installing in today's golf clubs. Condition of the tip section is of utmost importance,and ultimately determines the shafts integrity.  Spargo Golf pays close attention to age of the shaft, condition of the graphics and signs of usage.  No shafts with questionable tips and appearances are saved.  On occasion, Spargo Golf will inventory discontinued shafts which have a higher request rate  i.e.- RCH 60 series from Callaway and Cleveland Launcher Gold Series from the early 2000's.  Customer's can be confident that the shaft pull-out is fully prepared to be re-installed in their golf clubs.  It is  quite common that many of our shafts are pulled new or with minimal use.
    Spargo Golf carefully Pulls, Abrades, Removes Epoxy in the Shaft Tip and Cleans each Shaft. Upon finishing the Prep process, Spargo Golf Performs Spine Alignment and Marks each shaft's Neutral Bend Point.  This added step is performed at no additional cost to the Customer.  The following Pictures and Videos will explain the Process we use to Professionally remove and Prepare each shaft.

    Assembled Shaft

    Assembled Clubhead

    Gently Grab Ferrule

    Carefully Remove Ferrule

    Secure Club in Hydraulic Puller

    Carefully Heat Clubhead (15-20 secs)

    Apply Slight Pressure with Puller

    Gradually increase Pressure

    Remove Clubhead from Shaft

    Gently Abrade Shaft Tip

    Drill Out Shaft Tip (remove epoxy)

    Remove Grip

    Clean all Tape Residue

    Apply High Strength Cleaner


    Each and every Shaft Pull-out is priced well below the cost of the same shaft in new condition. In some cases, the shafts are priced $100's below Retail Cost. Spargo Golf can provide such great pricing due to the rapid turnover of Reshafting performed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our extensive inventory is priced to SELL!!! We offer you the avid golfer a chance to experience a much sought after shaft, or just replace the broken shaft you have grown to love. Our extensive relations with Touring Professionals at every level of the game, allows us to offer many Prototype or Tour Preferred Shafts. Again, these shafts are priced significantly lower than retail cost, and allows you the Golfer to experience what so many Professionals do. We Price our shafts to Sell!!! You can be confident that the low Prices are no indication of condition, but rather a great opportunity for you the Golfer.


         Spargo Golf wants to provide a Great Customer Experience for all Golfers.   Here are a few suggestions to make your time here at Spargo Golf more enjoyable and easier.  First determine what shaft you are looking to replace.  Read the graphics on the shaft carefully and most questions will be answered.  Most shafts will tell you the Manufacturer, Gram weight, Torque, and Stiffness.  This information will make your search for shafts much easier.  The Spargo Golf Website offers a seach option to narrow down the extensive inventory of shafts. By choosing Aldila  NV 75 S, all your Aldila NV 75 stiff shafts will appear.  If you know the exact length you are looking for, you could add that to your search.

        It is important to realize that the length, listed on each shaft, is the raw length.  Actual playing length of most of these shafts will be between 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" longer.   For example, a 43 1/2" pull-out will play to 45" in most of today's drivers, and a 41 1/2" pull-out  would play to 43" in most of today's 3 woods.  It is also important to note the tip diameter of the shaft you are searching for.  Each shaft in the Spargo Golf Inventory lists shaft tip diameter.  Many of today's Drivers use .350 tip diameter shafts, so if you choose a .335 tip diameter shaft, you will need a shim to properly install the shaft.   

        As an added benefit to our customers,  all the necessary accessories to professionally reshaft your golf club are provided at a small additional cost.  Epoxy, Ferrules, Shims, Tip Weights, Grips, Tape and Solvent can be readily added to your shopping cart.  Spargo Golf wants to be your one stop source for Shaft Pull-Outs and by providing a total solution to your shafting needs, we strive to give you a Great Customer Experience.



        Spargo Golf understands that not all Golfer's can work on their golf clubs.  In searching for Club Re-shafting or Club Repair Professionals, Spargo Golf highly recommends the AGCP (Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals) .  The members of the AGCP are the leaders in their field.  So if you encounter any problems with your golf clubs, or just need someone to perform the re-shafting of your clubs, check out www.agcpgolf.com.  There is a locator page to find the AGCP Professional closest to you.


        Spargo Golf offers Re-shafting Services as part of our Shaft Pull-Out Site.  Customers can choose the shaft they like, the grip they desire,  and then select the Spargo Golf Installation option.  Upon receiving your Club, Spargo Golf will perform the Re-shaft, including ferrule, epoxy, spine alignment and proper swingweighting of your club.  In most cases, Reshafts are performed the same day the club is received.