Why Spargo Golf?

What makes SpargoGolf.com different from the other websites?  We are not enthusiasts, we are professionals.  We aim to provide access to a one of the best recognized club-builders in the country!  Our knowledge in club-building, and lack of access to qualified builders in the U.S.A. is why we have committed to our online store.  The ability to not only custom order equipment, but also build Frequency & MOI matching equipment to your specifications has never been easier and more accessible than at SpargoGolf.com.  Thus, we provide guaranteed authentic equipment.  Custom orders are shipped to you directly from the manufacturer, or, if built for Freq./MOI matching (additional charge), shipped directly from our shop located in Cranston, Rhode Island.  

Clubs are only assembled at the factory, they are not built!

Tom Spargo - Spargo Golf


Since 1988, Tom has been satisfying the needs of golfers worldwide, by providing the most advanced clubfitting techniques and club building skills. Tom provides experience, knowledge, and personalized service, which aids players of all levels and builds confidence in their golf equipment.

Tom has been recognized as a International Top 10 Clubmaker. Additionally, Tom not only attends, moreover speaks at Educational Conferences each year to remain current in the latest techniques and technologies.  Tom is held in high regard with his knowledge from fitting to building by the nations best amateur and professional golfers.


Spargo Golf - Tour VanWe strive to provide access to the best products and services alike.  Our main objective is to advance the game of golf, to increase participation, skill level and enjoyment of this great game.  The best equipment is custom built equipment, and the best custom built equipment, is fitted equipment.



At Spargo Golf, custom order your equipment for exactly what you need, don't settle for what's only available in a golf shop.