URI Player gets fit for Miura Irons

URI Player gets fit for Miura Irons

February 26, 2014

Miura MB-001 Iron Set #3-PW and 55º Wedge

Length:             +1" over standard
Lie:                    2* Flat
Grip:                  Midsize
Frequency:        309 (6-iron)
MOI:                  2734 (6-iron)
Swing Weight:   D2 (6-iron, progressive swing weight thru iron set)

Miura URI Iron SetThis winter, Spargo Golf was kept busy by one of URI's finest golfers.  After a perfect fitting, a new set of Miura MB-001 irons #3-PW and 55º New Series Wedge to match was custom built for this team player.  So, what exactly was the best fit for this collegiate player?  Well, first he expressed to us how he wanted the ability to shape his shots.  The freedom to cut the ball onto the green, or to draw the ball around a corner, or even just keep a punch shot low without rising too high, we matched him to the Miura MB-001 iron heads.  These Miura irons were forged and hand-ground in Himeji, Japan, which for centuries was the epicenter of the ancient Japanese art of samurai sword making.  Miura clubs are made one by one, using many different hand crafting techniques which allows the steel grain of the clubhead to be tight and uniformed, not allowing any imperfections in the metal that would affect performance. 

Next, we were able to find this players optimal shaft, which turned out to be one of the hottest, fastest-growing shafts in the golf industry.  The Aerotech Steelfiber i110cw Stiff-flex iron shafts were the best fit.  Players looking to go a little bit lighter than the typical steel shafted irons choose the SteelFiber i110 so they can pick up some yardage while maintaining a low penetrating ball flight and avoid changing the overall feel they are accustomed to from playing steel shafts. This golfer will also take advantage of the reduced vibrations of a composite shaft resulting in fewer injuries and less fatigue during the round. 

Lastly, the best grip to fit his hand and have the feel he likes, this player went with the good ole' traditional Lamkin Crossline Full Cord Midsize grip.  Building with a little bit of a larger grip for his big palm and long fingers allows him to not over-squeeze on his grip pressure, helping him maintain a light grip pressure thru the swing by putting more grip surface area in his hand for more club control.  The cord helps the grip feel more abrasive, allowing him to attack the ball strong without feeling the club slip or twist in his hand.  So, after a couple hours on the doppler-radar FlightScope, hitting multiple clubheads and swinging multiple shafts, we were able to set-up this collegiate powerhouse with his most optimal set, helping him consistently keep his score low, and winning matches. 

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