Custom Build for Chad M. (Salem, N.H.)

Custom Build for Chad M. (Salem, N.H.)

April 21, 2014

Chad found us online!  With a few emails corresponding back and fourth, we were able to set him up with a customized wedge build to his specific request.  He supplied the Yuri wedge club-heads (by sending them into the shop via USPS), and we supplied the shaft, grip and knowledge needed to build these high-end wedges the way they are supposed to be assembled by a trained Certified Master of Club Technology. 

Chad requested a Hi-Rev shaft with a black finish, however KBS does not make that specific shaft with that specific finish.  Therefore, thru Tom's knowledge (our main club-builder), we where able to build a Hi-Rev shaft from the KBS Tour Custom Series shaft (Black Finish) for the desired look and style Chad was looking for, also delivering the Hi-Rev wedge performance needed.  The black clubhead, black ferrule, black shaft, and white PURE grip make these wedges cool to look at.  Not just a typical wedge, but a conversation starter as well.  At first glance, it is obvious they are not bought "off-the-rack" from a store.


Chad's Yuri Wedge Specs:

  • KBS Tour Custom - Black Shaft (Built to Hi-Rev specs)
  • +3/4" over Std. Length
  • 2º upright Lie angle
  • Frequency: N/A
  • MOI: N/A

In a short time, we shipped these wedges back to Chad in approximately 2-weeks from beginning to start, finished and out the door.  We know Chad is swing these clubs with confidence, because when you like your equipment, you play better too.


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