SM5 Wedges Love To Get Stamped!

SM5 Wedges Love To Get Stamped!

June 20, 2014

On a beautiful Friday afternoon, Mr. Patch asked for his wedge to be stamped with his initials a total of ten times.  Each initial group, is paint-filled with a different color.  Giving it a "Paint Palette" look.  This wedge is what I imagine the oil-painter Bob Ross to swing!  All the happy colors, living in harmony on the back of this Tour Chrome SM5 wedge.  The NEW Vokey SM5 wedges are great to stamp.  The metal is softer than others, which makes the metal more receptive to receive the letters.  Other wedges, the chrome plating can sometimes "crinkle" around the edge of the letter from where the die gets pushed into the metal and pushes all excess metal to the sides, looking a little mounded or raised around the letter edges.  However, the SM5 wedges get a crisp, clean, strong stamping with minimal distortion.  In addition, Bob Vokey has designed the SM5s with a lot of "blank space" on the back of the wedge, and because stamping is getting popular, it gives us the space needed to create and design some cool wedge stamping.  It's a blank canvas, literally!

Now, Mr. Patch is ready to hit the Country Club with style!  Stay out of the happy little tree's!

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