Scotty Cameron Concept X Putter 2018 LIMITED EDITION

Scotty Cameron Concept X Putter | 2018 LIMITED EDITION

July 17, 2018 2 Comments

2018 Scotty Cameron Concept X CX-01 and CX-02 Gray Pistolero with gloss black paint-fill Putter Grip

A NEW Limited Edition Putter from Scotty Cameron, the Concept X Putter!  Scotty Cameron fans will have their mind blown...  We've never seen this style from Scotty before, expect this to be a concept (obviously...) added to the next revamp of the Futura line.  Large scale production stock putters may not have these neck styles.  Scotty tends to keep certain combinations of head and necks limited.  Main reason in true Scotty Cameron form, it protects the value of these Prototypes.  Otherwise, why buy this putter for $625, when you can buy one in a few months for $400...  Probably because those stock $400 will have a double-bend shaft (still with offset) but not with these cool looking, and shiny necks on the CX-01 and CX-02.  You've got to be impressed with how he handles his business, protecting his customers.  How many golfers have bought an Odyssey or TaylorMade putter for $299, meanwhile at the end of the season the PGA Value Guide says its worth $65 months later...  Go check out the value of Scotty putters..  You might pay more for a Cameron putter, but the value holds better than anything else.

Produced in limited quantities for players seeking the top level of putter performance. As a PROTOTYPE brought to production, Concept X pushes the boundaries of modern putter design by blending the visual characteristics of a blade with the playability of a mallet, while offering innovative options in setup, materials and construction. Highly limited and ushering in an era when actual prototype putters are offered to discerning players, the new Concept X models, the CX-01 and CX-02. 

There are two models to choose from, both designed for high MOI via the "wings", keeping stability and forgiveness via weight distribution.  The BIG difference between the two models are the neck configurations you can decide between, Nuckle Neck (CX-01) and Joint Neck (CX-02).

Concept X | CX-01 Putter - Nuckle Neck

The CX-01 employs a Tour proven Nuckle Neck that not only provides one shaft of offset in a familiar plumbing neck setup, but also frees up weight that is then relocated to the wings.  Toe hang is similar to that of a Newport or Newport 2.

Concept X | CX-02 Putter - Joint Neck

Highlighted by a new low slant Joint Neck that promotes additional toe flow similar to that of a Newport 2.5, while also allowing for more weight to be moved to the putter’s perimeter for higher MOI.

Similar to what Scotty has done with the current Futura and Select line, using a multi-material methodology of mixing 6061 aircraft grade aluminum components with stainless steel is employed, whilst also using his new four-way sole balancing technology first introduced on the 2018 Select line for perfect balance, setup and alignment at address. An anti-glare stealth gray finish and a new gray Pistolero grip installed on a stepless shaft with a precision milled shaft ring rounds out an offering designed for the ultimate putting experience.

Who is the Scotty Cameron Concept X Putter for?

The new Concept X putters are made for players who want to be on the cutting edge of Scotty’s design thoughts, experimentations, and boundary-pushing putter design.  This will be the first look of a new model added to the next revamp of the Futura line (or maybe Scotty will call in something different by then...).


Scotty Cameron Concept X Putter Release Date

Available in North American golf shops on Friday, July 27.  MSRP $625

We @SpargoGolf will have FOUR putters available!  Two Concept X CX-01 (one of each, 34" and 35"), also two Concept X CX-02 (one of each, 34" and 35").  FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!

Keep an eye on this blog, a PURCHASE NOW button will appear on this blog, and putters will also be available in the "Limited Edition & Unique Shop" in our STORE (see drop-down at top navigation) at MIDNIGHT on AUGUST 31st!


"Concept X Putters are for the player who wants the feel and performance of a tour-proven blade style putter, but also to benefit from the latest technology for more forgiveness."

2018 Scotty Cameron Concept X LIMITED EDITION Putter - CX-01 & CX-02 - Cavity and Sole Image



Models CX-01, CX-02
Branding Scotty Cameron Concept X
Design Wingback blade with Nuckle Neck (CX-01) and Joing Neck (CX-02)
Face Type Mid-Mill
Head Material 303 stainless steel with 6061 aircraft aluminum face and sole inlays
Sole Weights

Raw stainless steel:

34" - 2 x 15g

35" - 2 x 10g

Cosmetics Stainless steel with premium stealth gray PVD finish.  Bright dipped black anodized aircraft aluminum face and sole inlays.  Raw weights and engravings.  Jet black paint-fill over anodized finish.
Grip Custom Gray Pistolero with gloss black paint-fill
Neck/Shaft Plumbers neck style Nuckle Neck (CX-01) and low slant Joint Neck (CX-02) with milled stainless steel elbow joint
Shaft Ring Milled Aircraft Aluminum
Headcover Scotty Cameron Concept X - small square
Custom Options None


Loft 3.5º
Lie 70º
Length 34", 35"
Offset Full Shaft

2 Responses

Spargo Golf
Spargo Golf

December 01, 2018

I forget where I saw quantity, so I can not prove what Im about to say without reference, HOWEVER, I remember seeing 4,000 putters. Which means between the two styles, and two lengths, the breakdown would be 1,000 unites of each:
1,000 CX-01 at 35"
1,000 CX-01 at 34"
1,000 CX-02 at 35"
1,000 CX-02 at 34"

Andrew Bradshaw
Andrew Bradshaw

November 29, 2018

Hi there, I was wondering if you know what the supply is for each of these models? I haven’t been able to find out how many were actually produced anywhere.

Andrew Bradshaw

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