PING G410 Hybrid verse G410 Crossover XR - Review

PING G410 Hybrid vs G410 (XR) Crossover - Review

February 11, 2019 2 Comments

PING G410 Hybrid vs. G410 Crossover (XR) - Review

What should I play?  The hybrid or crossover?  Why hit the hybrid?  Why hit the crossover?  What type of golfer are they for?  As explained by our lead fitter, Jon Pannone:

Typically, the hybrid is for the the player looking for maximum hight and steeper descent angle.  Meanwhile, the Cossover (XR) is for the player looking for more off the tee driving iron with lower trajectory and a touch more roll-out.

The Differences, In Depth:

PING G410 Hybrid - The G410 is PINGs' first-ever adjustable hybrid that allows  custumize ball flight eight different ways.  From more loft (+- 1.5˚) to lie combinations, allowing for more consistent results. A maraging-steel face thats thinner and more flexible than previous models generates faster ball speeds and higher launch, assisting the golfer to carry trouble while hitting (and holding) more greens with that steeper descent angle. 


PING G410 Crossover (XR) - The G410 (XR) Crossover has a heavy tungsten toe weight for added forgiveness, a maraging-steel face promoting faster ball speeds and max shot height (still lower trajectory option from hybrid).  Unlike previous Crossover models the G410 (XR) has a much more compact and stable head.  If you didn't like the past models, check out the G410, much better look for a crossover to compete against Titleist TMB and Mizuno Fli-Hi.  PING’s third Crossover family combines the precision and control of an iron with the speed and forgiveness of a hybrid.  The G410 Crossover is NOT adjustable, but available in all 10 color codes (lie angles).


Let the Testing begin!

In our fitting studio, we put these two clubs in a head-to-head test!

Visual Comparison Test

PING G410 Hybrid vs. PING G410 Crossover (XR) - View at Address / Topline - Review

PING G410 Hybrid vs. PING G410 Crossover (XR) - Clubface View - Review


FlightScop Report - Performance Test Review


PING G410 Hybrid vs. PING G410 Crossover (XR) - Performance Testing Results Review - FlightScope Report Numbers


TEST Variance

Club  PING G410 Hybrid PING G410 Crossover (XR) Difference
Loft #3 - 19º #3 - 20º +/- 1º
Length 40.25" 39.75" +/- .5"
Shaft EvenFlow Black 6.0 EvenFlow Black 6.0  

**Note - There is a slight variance in the loft (1º difference) and in length (.5" difference).  Nothing can be done here, PING does not make identical clubs, so this is the closest comparison we could make. 

TEST Results Are In! - Comparison

**AVERAGES - Testing with Range Balls**
 Club PING G410 Hybrid PING G410 Crossover (XR)
Carry 229 <- +8.5yards   220.5
Total 246 (+17 yards roll) <-   +10.5yards 235.5 (+15 yards roll) 
Club Speed 99.9 MPH <-   +4.4 MPH 95.5 MPH
Ball Speed 141 MPH <-   +3.5MPH 137.5 MPH
Smash Factor 1.42 +.02   -> 1.44
Spin (Average) 3,479 +/- 4 MPH 3,483
Launch Angle (Average) 13º +/- .5º 12.5º
Descent Angle (Average) 42.6º +/- 1.6º 41º
Height (Apex) 98.5' +/- 8' 90.5'



Conclusion - Final Thoughts

You can make an argument that the variance in club specifications make up for the difference in performance numbers.  If that is the case, these two clubs compare very similarly..  So, it all comes down to what you prefer.  You're not loosing any performance on the table by choosing one over the other.  Which one suits your game?  That's your decision...  We do want to make note of the Crossovers' new look.  WAY BETTER than the G400 Crossover (XR), the biggest complaint being how chunky it looked, and for a low-handicap player, not at all what they where looking for.  The NEW PING G410 Crossover (XR) has a great new look, and feels just as good.  The hybrid, is still just a hybrid.  Its solid feeling, solid sounding, and performs, well, like a hybrid!  Overall, we thought PING did a great job with both clubs.


What are your thoughts?!  Comment BELOW!

...Internet trolls need not apply... 

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Spargo Golf
Spargo Golf

June 15, 2019

On PING’s website, you can search for local retail stores near you who may have a club to demo, check out the link below!

bruce scyphers
bruce scyphers

June 15, 2019

called ping looking to add to my set a 3 iron, only to find out that one was never made for the set ( I have their G30 yellow dot ) so I’m now looking at their crossover as I hit a long iron well and like the control, so, how do I get to try one first to make sure I like it? I live in San Diego area. Any club shows coming my way? thanks, Bruce

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